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Saturated Sonic Nirvana at the Edge between Clean and Overdrive

There is a sweet spot on almost every tube amp or overdrive pedal most guitarists know well. A magical zone where the circuit goes non-linear and starts to saturate. Harmonics excited by this process make everything sound alive and give the player a unique interactive experience unlike any other. The EDGE is a pedal specially designed to explore this magic world that happens when a circuit is pushed to the edge of breakup.

The EDGE is voiced to give a rich blend of saturation, harmonic excitement, light compression and then, at max gain, start to fully breakup. At lower gains, sweet clean tones are easy to come by, in the spirit of several popular vintage preamps, and could easily be used as a slightly colored clean boost. The EDGE has been designed to give a slight bit of vintage character while offering advantages of modern components and design, such as high headroom dual rail power supply (up to 36v of voltage swing!) and musical, sweepable 18 db/octave filters. What makes the EDGE wide sweet spot possible is a set of carefully curated clipping LED’s, specifically chosen for their smooth clipping characteristics and wide saturation curve. Turns out, the LED’s light up when driven past the edge of breakup and this give us the opportunity to have a real-time visual of how the circuit is overloading. We made this LED visible on top of the pedal, effectively functioning as a visual threshold light for the EDGE of breakup!

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