FLAMMA FS05 Multi Modulation

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The FS05 Multi Modulation Pedal from Flamma Innovation brings the most variety to date while keeping the same body size as other pedals in the Flamma arsenal.

Bang for the buck is the name of the game with the FS05, offering 11 different modulation effects that every guitarist needs (ok, maybe not the ring mod). This bright-yellow pedal is great for building a space-conscious pedalboard without sacrificing stereo functionality and tone quality. Each of the eleven effects include a save slot and custom ctrl knobs that adjust different parameters depending on the effect. Rate and Depth knobs in each corner allow the user to make customized adjustments for all included effects. Buffer bypass is also included so your pedalboards new best friend doesn’t make any unwanted noise.

Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phase, Vibrato, Rotary, Liquid, Auto Wah, Stutter, Ring, Low Bit

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