TECH 21 Sans Amp PSA 2.0

Originally introduced in 1993, the SansAmp PSA-1 rackmount, and later PSA-1.1, quickly became studio staples. The SansAmp PSA has been used on thousands of major releases, worldwide tours and film sound- tracks for multiple applications and instruments –including horns, vo- cals, and drums.
Sadly, necessity forced retirement from production, as certain key parts were no longer available.We realized this was an opportunity not only to redesign it, but to streamline its architecture into a pedal.
The SansAmp PSA 2.0 offers the same 100% analog circuitry for punchy, responsive, organic sounds that bring out the best in any instru- ment. Only the programming and memory sections are digital. It also offers the same essential functionality and versatility.
In the studio, you can record direct, enhance existing tracks in mixdowns, as well as add interesting touches to any instrument. Live, the SansAmp PSA 2.0 can be used as a pre-amp direct into a power amp with guitar or bass speaker cabinets, as a “monster direct box” to a P.A. system (or both simultaneously), and as an outboard processor. Additionally, the PSA 2.0 features a Perform- ance Mode, which turns it into a 3-channel stompbox.
The SansAmp PSA includes MIDI capability for calling up programs and storing program data.There are 49 factory presets and 77 memory locations to store your own custom sounds, plus two bypass programs.When you switch be- tween programs, there is no lag time, or “cutting out.”
The controls work very much like those found on a sophisticated amp.You don’t need any special training or a degree in physics to operate your unit. Stor- ing and recalling programs is simple: set your tones and push the Save button. When you turn a knob, you hear the difference immediately –in real time.The rotation of each control increases and decreases in a smooth, gradual, linear fashion.

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