Throaty and vocal with a wide sweep, the BMF Wah delivers classic tones with ease. Features include a switchable onboard buffer (designed for fuzz compatibility) and a quick-release circuit board mounting system. You can easily swap out the stock BMF board for a vintage flavor from the past! The following optional spec boards are available –

Vox™ Grey Wah – Reedy and bright, this is the early Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin wah.

Italian Cry Baby™ – The classic wah sound!

Vox™ Clyde McCoy™ – More vocal and a deeper low end than the Italian Cry Baby™.

Woodstock Wah – Slightly smoother sweep, a little more vocal and slightly less “toppy” than the Vox Clyde McCoy™.

Stock BMF Wah – Throaty with more low end and a smoother sweep than the ones mentioned above. Overall a great blend of all the available circuits.

Colorsound™ – Less “toppy” than the stock BMF Wah with even more low end and a more fluid, almost filer-like sweep. This is the Clapton/Derek and The Dominos wah.

As with all BMF Effects pedals, the BMF Wah pedal features true bypass switching and a DC jack.

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