Bearfoot FX Emerald Green Distortion Machine
Another winner from Bearfoot Fx! This is both a Voxish emulator for a variety of other amps and also a booster driver for Vox amps. The Distortion and Voice controls are interactive and together will follow the progression of turning up a Vox-type amp through full low cleans up through edgy, driven and full out screamin’ sounds…plenty of gain for the whole range of jobs. And while it can be a flamethrower, it is also dynamically driven by the Volume knob level or even just pick pressure. Once you adjust, it becomes part of your expressive pathway. In a way, this is the Honey Bee of the Fuzz world.

To find the sound for your amp…I start with all knobs full left…turn up the Volume…turn up the Drive…readjust Volume…adjust the Voice control listening to the bass in particular. Then roll up the Treble to taste. And you can run it up to 18v.

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